The magic of Modular



Modular synths seem to be all the rage at the moment. There are countless manufacturers now making all manner of strange and unique modules. It’s an area I’m interested in but these instruments don’t come cheap. At the moment I’m lucky to have a Modular in the sitting room of my new flat in Edinburgh, belonging to my flatmate Leo.

I’m still a total novice when it comes to using a modular and it will probably take a while to get past the initial confusion of the signal path and its interweaving mesh of wires. However, after Leo had set up a patch I played in a simple sequence and went about changing the parameters over time and I have to say the modular is a hypnotic, psychedelic dream box. I now understand how these machines and the building of your own system could be very addictive for anyone interested in sound. They offer a breadth of sound sculpting possibilities I’ve not found before with other internally hardwired electronic instruments and best of all they are very hands on. In this way they physically demand your attention and over time the process becomes like a form of meditation. I’m only barely scraping the surface here with this short recording and hope to delve further into this new sonic territory in the future. In short : Modulars are Magic!!!

modular 1


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